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Sergio G. Villamizar
    Colombian-American photographer and printmaker, Sergio Villamizar is a Postmodern Neo-Conceptual “expressionist” artist; his deeply emotive imagery sardonically and ironically examines current events, literature, and philosophy.  Born in 1965 in Bogotá, Colombia, South America, he currently resides North Bergen, New Jersey.  By and large, his abstract collages, woodcuts, and magnetic-photomontages are created as “ongoing” series that present astonishing, multi-faceted, and hyper-psychological icons infused with symbolic-narrative(s).  Via integrated-juxtapositions of sundry thematic elements, or through significant image alterations, each series reflects Villamizar’s intense-imagination, which innately utilizes symbols to evoke visual stories.  Some of his work is interactive, allowing the viewer the opportunity to make changes to the work; however, these deep, profound, and awe-inspiring images persistently maintain their inherent iconology.

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